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All AGASAYA products have high antioxidant properties, making them very sensitive to light. Inadequate bottling/packaging can affect the quality of the most precious oil and significantly reduce its life span. In response to this challenge, we imported glass containers from the Netherlands that have outstanding preservation capabilities and protect our ingredients against the harmful effects of light.

Because of this, all AGASAYA products are stored and bottled using 100% recyclable glass of the highest quality.

There is no better test than the tomato experiment to demonstrate the excellent preservation capacity of our glass containers. In this experiment, two cherry tomatoes are stored in separate containers, one made of transparent ‘clear’ glass and the other made of violet-glass. These two containers are kept at room temperature and subjected to sunlight. After a period of seven months, obvious differences can be noticed: the tomato stored in the violet-glass container shows no sign of dryness or loss of color.

Another test was carried out with green onions, this time comparing the properties of amber-glass and violet-glass containers. After 2 months, you can clearly see the difference between the two glass containers.

We therefore encourage you to enjoy all the benefits of our glass containers, and don’t forget to reuse them!

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