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Violet Glass Water Bottle


Made of the same violet glass we use to hold our organic skincare products, this one-liter bottle features natural filtering properties that preserve and protect whatever it contains — as well as a message of empowerment that’s at the heart of AGASAYA.

Size: 1 liter


The message

AGASAYA is more than just skincare and outward beauty; it’s focused on nourishing your body and your soul. That’s why the bottle is covered with compelling words in English on one side and French on the other — plus a chakra that symbolizes confidence and wisdom when we’re in balance. Together, it’s a constant reminder of how powerful you are — even when you’re doing something as simple as taking a sip of water.

Why I love it

I’ve been using violet glass bottles for years and everyone always asks me about them — especially because these don’t look like the clear ones most people are familiar with. I love having one water bottle on my desk at the office and another by my nightstand at home. I think of it like a sleek and inspiring reminder to drink my 8 glasses daily. -Camelia

Care instructions

Hand wash only

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