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Agasaya is committed to bringing out and enhancing your raw beauty.

That means we have a strong commitment to using ingredients in their most raw state. This way they are clean, simple, natural & organic. Nothing superfluous. Nothing that doesn’t need to be there. Ingredients who are already beautiful and powerful in their raw, natural state.

We’re also here to remind you that the same is true for you:

  • You are already beautiful.
    No additives are required. You’re beautiful, you’re powerful, you have everything you need inside of you. Now, if you want to adorn yourself and take extra good care of yourself, that’s up to you.
  • Your imperfections make you unique and that’s gorgeous.
    You are completely unique in this world. Nobody has exactly your genetics or exactly your life history. There is literally just one of you. We want you to celebrate that fact. And those “imperfections?” think of women who own their little crooked tooth, or smile right through that acne, or embrace their quirky upturned nose. Doesn’t it make them sexy af?
  • The way you treat yourself is just as important with what you treat yourself.
    You are a miracle of a woman. The odds that you are exist are entirely improbable. What you’ve conquered in your life is awe-inspiring. All of that merits celebrating. So. When you apply your toner and your moisturizer (rose water and opuntia flower macerated oil are highly recommended for these purposes), don’t just concern yourself with what’s IN them. Also take the time enjoying taking care of the goddess that you are.
  • Confidence is sexy.
    Confidence comes from an appreciation of your abilities and qualities, but also an ability to put your trust in yourself and your choices. When you walk around the world with that going on, you become simply irresistible. That’s what we want for you… Starting all the way with your skin.

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