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 We’ve all felt it – the running around like a chicken without a head trying to get it all done. The endless to-do lists. Modern life is fast-paced and stressful.

Taking care of your skin can then feel like one more “have to” before your day even starts.

I’ve been there.

… but then I started exploring mindfulness, slow living and coming back to the essentials.

(That’s why we keep our ingredient list short. We believe that there’s beauty in simplicity.)

Here’s what I found: There’s power in ritual. Here’s how:

  • Taking the time for myself – in the morning and at night – is a powerful signal that I’m worth taking care of. Not because someone told me to or because everything will break down (or that I’ll be ugly) if I don’t, but because this is for time for
  • Slowing myself down, I get to create a moment of deep connection. I connect with the scents (the rose water in particular is nothing short of divine), I connect with the Earth through the products and I connect with my place in the Universe through it. If it sounds quite spiritual, it’s because it is. I remember that I’m part of nature and I remember my place in it with gratitude for these natural products that help me thrive and remember. Throughout it all, I connect with myself and my feminine essence. The irony is that doing it in this way doesn’t actually take longer, but I get so much more out of it.
  • Because I get to do this at the bookends of my day, it creates a rhythm and a tiny moment to reflect. Especially in a time where I’m working from home more, it helps me open and close the day and create space and intention.
    When I do my weekly ritual, it also punctuates my weeks, offers me a time to reflect, to adjust and to meet the next week fresh and as my best self.


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