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Bring a luxurious spa right to your home. Discover AGASAYA’s weekly ritual for sensational skin and shining hair.

This beauty ritual’s first rule is : RELAX. Beauty is not only about applying the right products but also to learn how to take a break, to take some time for yourself. Every Saturday morning I go to the bathroom, close the door, put some relaxing music on : It’s ME TIME!



What you need:

  • AGASAYA Rose Water
  • AGASAYA Rhassoul Clay
  • AGASAYA Argan Oil or AGASAYA Opuntia Flower Macerated Oil
  • AGASAYA Moroccan Soap
  • AGASAYA Organic Barbary Fig Oil
  • AGASAYA Exfoliating Glove

Part 1: Prepare Your Rhassoul Facial Mask

Mix 1 tbs of Rhassoul Clay, 1 tbs of Rose Water and 1 tbs of Water in a non-metal bowl. For dry skin, add 2-5 drops of argan oil or Opuntia Flower Macerated Oil.
(If you don’t have Rose Water yet you can use 2 tbs of water). Set aside of 5 minutes or so.

Part 2: Do an Argan Oil Hair Mask

While waiting for your facial mask to be ready, apply 10-12 drops of Argan Oil in your hair and massage your scalp. If you have the higher quality Opuntia Flower Macerated Oil on hand but no Argan Oil, use that instead. If your hair needs intense care, use Barbary Fig Seed Oil.

Part 3: Apply Your Rhassoul Clay Face Mask

Now that your face mask has been sitting for a few minutes, mix the ingredients using a non-metal spoon and apply on your face and neck. The texture should be thick and creamy.

Leave on your face and neck for around 10 minutes. Don’t let the mask dry on your face. If you feel like your mask is getting dry, spray some water to keep it nice and moist. 

Part 4: Moisturize your body with Argan Oil

While your hair is getting its healing hair mask and your face is being purified and detoxified by the rhassoul clay, moisturize your body with argan oil or opuntia flower macerated oil. Enjoy knowing you’re being taken care of by these natural products and bring care to your entire body by massaging your whole body with argan oil. You will stimulate blood circulation and it’s a chance to give yourself relaxing care.

Part 5: Enjoy a Relaxing, Cleansing Shower

Start by removing your facial mask with still relatively cool water. Slowly turn up the heat and let your body relax. As your body gets warmer with the steam in the shower, your pores are opening up. Apply the Moroccan soap on your body. Rinse.

Now that your skin is clean, it is ready for a gentle exfoliating session. Remove the dead skin by gently passing the AGASAYA Exfoliating Glove over your entire body.

Wash your hair twice with shampoo to remove the excess oil.

Part 6: Enjoy your soft skin, revitalized hair & meet your weekend or next week with a smile on your face.


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